Yeastar S20 PBX

Posted on July 24, 2023July 24, 2023Categories IP Telephony

Yeastar S20 PBX in Kenya In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication is paramount for the success of any small business. Yeastar PBX has is known to empower small businesses with effective communication solutions. Ensuring seamless connectivity with customers, partners, and employees is essential. The Yeastar S20 PBX, a powerful feature-rich VoIP PBX system, comes to the rescue as a cost-effective solution tailored for small businesses in Kenya. What is Yeastar S20? Yeastar S20 is a compact and user-friendly VoIP … Continue reading “Yeastar S20 PBX”

Intercom System

Posted on July 22, 2023July 22, 2023Categories IP Telephony

Intercom System Intercom system is one simple communication solution ideal for homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants and even office environment. Forty Servers is an installer of doorbell system, audio and video intercom system installation and various types of door phones in Kenya. In today’s fast-paced world, an effective communication channel plays an important role whether at home or in an office environment. One technology that has significantly revolutionized the way we communicate is the intercom system. see; IP PBX system installation … Continue reading “Intercom System”

PABX System

Posted on July 20, 2023July 22, 2023Categories IP Telephony

Be that as it may, running a business successfully requires an efficient communication infrastructure. Forty Servers is a PABX system supplier and installer in Kenya. We offer customized solutions for small businesses and even large corporation institutions in Kenya. Installation of a PBX system can bring several benefits to the company. Firstly, the office telephone system improves internal communication. Thus, telephony infrastructure enables quick and direct phone calls between employees. This leads to enhanced collaboration, boosts employee productivity, and reduces … Continue reading “PABX System”

PBX Telephone System

Posted on January 7, 2021July 22, 2023Categories IP Telephony

Office Telephone System PBX telephone system is an office telephony infrastructure which when installed will enable outbound calling and inbound call routing through desk phones in Kenya. These desk phones when configured are known as telephone extensions. As a IP PBX system provider in Kenya, we offer an affordable and reliable on premise IP telephony infrastructure. As a structured cabling company in Kenya, we ensure the PBX system offers the same experience as the physical interaction. We also provide managed … Continue reading “PBX Telephone System”