Best Call Center Software in Kenya

Impress your clients by installing innovative Call Center software in Kenya. The call center system is an advanced IP telephony infrastructure that coordinates incoming calls through an intelligent queuing system. And the system also handles outgoing calls placed by call agents from a click to call web interface. The full capability of the call center can be unlocked with the integration to a toll free line. The IP telephone system expertly handles all call queues without dropping a single call. This leads to increased productivity from the sales department even as the customers enjoy improved service delivery.

Best Call Center Software in Kenya

In any case, installing a call center will lead to faster and accurate call routing. No time wasted in the queues trying to locate the right extension group. Most importantly, the system enhances caller experience, that is, both the agent and the customer.

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With increased innovation in the telecommunications industry, call center solutions have become less complex to install and manage. Additionally, office telephony solutions have become increasingly affordable to small and medium-sized companies. At Forty Servers, we provide affordable call center management packages depending on the call handling capabilities required by an organization.

  • Do you want to decrease the number of calls being abandoned in the queue?
  • Are you looking for ways for improving your caller’s experience?
  • How about improving the performance of your agents?

We have a solution for all these and much more.

Key features of a call center system

Click to Call

Customer contact information is majorly captured in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. When integrated with CRM, the call center system allows agents to make calls directly from the CRM page. This brings about the much-needed efficiency as the call agent saves time that would have been spent typing the telephone number on a separate dialer.


The VoIP infrastructure that runs the call center software has made it easy to integrated unified communications (UC) applications into the system. These UC applications are the softphones that can be installed in a Windows or MAC computer. The same softphone can be installed on Android or iOS smartphones. The softphones will enable call agents to use computers and mobile phones as office telephone extensions. Softphone application can be used whether at work in the office or at home working remotely.

Automatic Call Distribution

An organization that receives a very high number of calls will definitely benefit from an inbuilt feature that intelligently distributes calls among agents. The criteria for intelligent call distribution can be based on agent availability or appropriate department. Therefore, the system will automatically direct the caller to the right queue to facilitate quick service delivery.

Call Recording

The customer has the option of recording calls for various reasons. All recorded calls are stored inside the PBX system. And an automatic memory overwrite ensures that older recordings are erased to create room for the new recordings. Be that as it may, the call recording feature can really help in improving agent performance. The supervisor can listen to the recorded calls and train the agents on efficient customer handling skills.

The Wallboard

Through the wallboard, managers now have a platform for real-time monitoring of events. The supervisor can monitor call queues and even correct a situation when need be. Also, the manager can view the status of a call agent, the queue statistics. What is more, the wallboard allows the manager to see all incoming calls in real-time.

The IVR system

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an automated call queue management that directs callers to various departments within the organization. What is more, the IVR prompts can be customized to bring out the unique identity of an organization. For instance, when an IVR system is configured for the banking and financial institution, different caller sections will be created. The customer support department, general inquiries, loans department, personal banker, etc. Thus, when the client calls, the IVR system will playback the list of services offered accessible under various prompts. For example, our IVR will sound something like this,

Welcome to Forty Servers, your IT partner for Life. If you want a quotation for the call center system press 1, to renew your service level agreement press 2, to speak to our engineers press 2, and press 0 to repeat the message.

The IVR system will enable your company to efficiently handle large volumes of calls. This telephony feature will be most suitable for companies and institutions in the service industry.

Performance Reporting

Have access to statistical reports that can help in measuring agent performance. Additionally, get detailed reports of the calls handled for a specified period of time. All these reports are particularly useful for providing the managers with important insights. For institutions will key performance indicators, these reports can be downloaded. And used to evaluate agent performance and even insight into ways for improving future performance.

Call Barging

This is a very important call center feature. This feature allows the supervisor to listen to telephone conversations between the agent and the customer. Also, the feature enables the supervisor to whisper some information to the agent affecting the customer. In some instances, the supervisor can take over the conversation from the agent in real-time when the situation demands.

Agent internal chat

Using this feature, colleagues can send each other messages and receive an instant response. Agent internal chat enables agents to assist each other with information that might be of help while assisting customers.

Additional telephony features

In as much as the call center system is designed for advanced call handling capabilities, it still comes with all the standard features of an IP PBX system. These include mobility extension, music on hold, call pickup, call forwarding, remote extensions, call monitoring, etc.

Call Center Software Integrations

In any case, what is a call center system without value add integrations? This system can be integrated with various third-party applications to improve the overall experience. For instance, the API is available to allow integrations with Whatsapp, Facebook, and other instant chat and messaging apps. Most importantly, the system allows for quick integration with the existing CRM software. No need to abandon your existing system.

User management

The supervisor has a separate user account. The supervisor does administrative functions such as creating agents and assigning them different roles based on company setup. Likewise, agents have their own login accounts. 

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