Cloud PBX System provider in Kenya

Asterisk open source Cloud PBX

Hosted IP PBX is a cloud-based IP telephone system solution. As a cloud PBX system provider in Kenya, we offer an affordable and convenient alternative to the appliance-based IP telephony infrastructure. As a structured cabling company in Kenya, we ensure the Cloud PBX system offers the same experience as the physical IP PBX system.

In fact, the Cloud-based PBX system has all the features of the appliance-based IP PBX even using the same software. Using the Asterisk-based open source PBX presents your organization with a business-class unified communications platform. This platform enables VoIP calls that can be ideal for companies looking to implement Toll-Free numbers for customers. Indeed, even the call center system.

Hosted cloud IP PBX

The Asterisk open source Cloud PBX system is popular among small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya due to the affordable installation cost. With only the initial payment fee, the IP telephone system can be set up and ready for use within the same day. The PBX phone system tends to be very flexible allowing an organization to start with only the least number of extensions. Then increase the number of extensions progressively to meet the communications needs as the company expands.

Be that as it may, the future of office and business telephony is in VoIP. Implementing the VoIP telephony infrastructure will lead to a reduced cost of communications. Furthermore, VoIP telephony guarantees reliable and highly flexible connectivity. Are you looking for the best Cloud PBX provider in Kenya? Then contact us now for a versatile VoIP telephony infrastructure.

Features of the Hosted cloud IP PBX

Advance call handling capability

The basic setup of the Hosted PBX phone system has the ability to handle up to 8 simultaneous calls. Nonetheless, Call handling capacity can be increased to 16 or 32 simultaneous calls depending on business calling requirements

Different subscription options for different organizations. The option for annual or monthly billing; the standard monthly fee will take care of hosting and support. The package includes one DID telephone. Additional DID numbers can be added depending on client requirements. Preloaded talk time which will be renewable per month

While the physical PABX relies on the GSM gateway for calling, the IP PBX relies on a SIP trunk to enable calling via the internet. SIP trunking is a significantly cheaper telephony service compared to the traditional telephone lines. This is because a SIP trunk leverages the power of internet connectivity.

Remote management of the PBX phone system

The administrator has an online account whereby the PBX management console can be accessed remotely from any location. This ensures the telephony infrastructure can be monitored and even user support offered securely from a remote location.

Zero touch auto provisioning IP Phones

The cloud PBX platform is open and compatible with different SIP-based IP phones from all popular brands. As soon the IP desktop phone is patched into the network, the PBX system will recognize it making the installation process less cumbersome. 

SIP Trunk connectivity

In as much as the cloud PBX is designed to work with a SIP trunk, it can connect other gateways. Compatible legacy gateways include the E1 line, analog PSTN line, and even the ISDN line. Therefore it will work with various VoIP gateways and GSM gateways and recognize various onboard expansion cards.

Telephone Mobility

IP telephony enables users to connect from any branch office or remote location. The PBX has an inbuilt VPN to enables a secure connection away from the corporate network. Mobility is further enhanced by the use of softphones that can be installed in smartphones and laptops. When integrated with the main IP PBX, the softphones will allow the users to bring their extensions wherever they go. Moreover, users can activate the Follow Me feature from the office extension to allow the forwarding of calls to their cellphone number.

Benefits of the Hosted PBX system

Enjoy extremely low telephone calling cost. Migrating from the traditional telephone lines to the SIP trunking platform

Unlock the full potential of your internet subscription. Technically all the communication happens via internet connectivity. This Unified communication platform enables converged services on a single subscription, that is, data, voice, and video.

Support for remote working. With a Hosted PBX system, the employees can still work from anywhere and still be able to call clients and collaborate with colleagues using the SIP trunk. As a matter of fact, this solution has made connectivity between branch offices easy.

Custom DID telephone number. Clients can choose from a list of available telephone numbers for Kenya.

Calling using the SIP Trunks

SIP trunk service enables companies to save on telephone costs through the use of the internet to make calls and receive calls. Apart from voice calls, a SIP trunk service supports video calling and messaging as part of the unified communications suite. VoIP calling can be ideal for businesses looking to implement a toll-free line for customers. Also, the SIP trunk service can be used to make international calls cheaply over the internet.

 This platform offers convenient billing. Hence the organization pays a flat rate per month to take care of all calling needs. The VoIP trunk allows a client to choose between a postpay and prepay billing system. In order to get to access the post-pay billing system, the client will be required to pay the deposit. As for the pre-pay billing system, the client will only pay as they use the service.

The client will be provided with an account for managing all the telephony services. When all is set, you will be able to enjoy all the exciting IP telephony features. These include call pickup, call transfer, intelligent queue management, the IVR (interactive voice response), call forward, Follow me feature, remote extensions, etc.

Forty Servers provides the best-hosted IP PBX systems and SIP Trunk service for VoIP calling and Toll-free lines for customers in Kenya. Contact us for flexible and very affordable open-source PBX and Toll-Free numbers.

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