Contactless Access Control System

The Contactless Access Control

The pandemic has made the use of biometric fingerprint reader solutions untenable. Better employee hygiene, ease of use, and mobility inform the need for a contactless access control system with time attendance. As a networking company in Kenya, we recommend IP based contactless attendance and access control solution. The contactless solution is majorly based on existing technologies such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, QR code scanning. And the face recognition access control.

Face recognition technology

In the world today, organizations are looking for a reliable contactless technology that can offer employee time attendance management as well as door access control security. Face recognition is the kind of solution that addresses the need for user identification without contact.

Contactless Access Control System

Besides the hardware, the employee self-service portal allows users to confirm attendance through the mobile phone. The mobile-based employee self-service app has the capability to recognize facial features. Hence enabling employees to mark attendance in a contactless way. Face recognition eliminates the need for fingerprint authentication on the biometric reader.

Matrix face recognition solution comes about as a result of the integration of an IP CCTV surveillance camera with the access control system. Additionally, when properly set up, the face recognition user identification system will enable organizations to enjoy touch-free temperature screening. Thus, as employees enter the office premises the system automatically captures body temperatures. This replaces the need to use a manual temperature gun.  

Bluetooth based time attendance

The card-based employee identification is fast giving way to gesture-based user identification technology. Here, the Bluetooth technology which is inbuilt in the access control terminal, and the mobile phone play an important role. Therefore, all users will be required to turn on the Bluetooth connection in order to open the office door. Also, Bluetooth based time attendance will enable employees to clock in and clock out through the mobile phone.

In this era of technological advancement, mobile phones have become enablers of progress. Hence, we see mobile phones playing a key supporting function to a Bluetooth based access control system. Life has been made easy. Therefore, for an employee to mark attendance, just wave the phone in front of the Bluetooth based time attendance terminal. Likewise, to open the office door, the user will just wave the mobile phone in front of the Bluetooth-based access control terminal.

The use of Bluetooth technology is a well-developed form of wireless access control. And it is secure, flexible, and convenient to use.

The QR Code based time attendance

Today most things technology use smartphones as a platform of execution. And the QR Code access control system heavily relies on mobile phones. RFID card-based access control has become old school giving way to the tap and go kind of systems. With the QR code-based time attendance, employees can clock in and clock by scanning a QR code.

Here, the users will gain access to a protected building or office by scanning a QR code posted on the wall just outside the entrance. First and foremost, the user has to install a special app that authorizes user access. This technology is very secure and affordable to implement. All communication between the server and mobile phone will be encrypted for increased security.

The cost of rolling out the solution is reduced significantly since the printed QR code will be posted near the entrance and at the exit door. No need for cabling or purchase of additional hardware. Most suitable for installation on glass doors and glass walls.

The QR code sticker cannot be duplicated. In any case, the central server creates unique QR codes that apply only to a specific group of users. The generated QR code will then be printed and posted on the wall near the entrance door. The system administrator will be given the privilege to create an organization’s unique QR codes. Ordinary users will only be required to scan the QR code using the phone’s camera to enter the office or exit the secured premises.

Benefits of the Contactless Access control system with time attendance

Speedy authentication

Be that as it may, users of the biometric access control sometimes face the challenge of fingerprint alignment. The user will have to repeatedly keep placing the finger on the biometric reader until the device recognizes it. Time can be lost if several users share the same issue of fingerprint alignment. Contactless access control technology saves time by reducing the chances of false rejection.

People hygiene

Installation of contactless access control solutions will generally lead to improved employee hygiene. As a matter of fact, Communicable diseases such as flu tend to be spread through contact. Hence, the need for a contactless solution that assures better employees hygiene by providing a platform for contactless user identification and authentication.

Ease of use

The contactless access control and time attendance system are very easy to use. Setup and app configuration will be done on the smartphone. Especially, for the Bluetooth based access control and the QR code-based access control systems. The user only needs to ensure that he has his mobile phone with him for contactless user identification. Even for face recognition, the users will only be expected to position themselves where the camera is. 

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